Concierge Practice Training

“How to Start a Concierge Medical Practice?”

Imagine this scenario:

You are able to take time to get to know your patients, getting to the root of their medical issues and offering quality preventive care without feeling stressed out.  Your patient care is not dictated by insurances but by the needs of the patient.  Your patients are healthier and happier, and you have time to take care of you and have a life outside of the office.  It is a win win scenario.

That scenario is what concierge medicine is about.  Time and energy are both currencies which insurances do not pay for.  They pigeonhole everyone into diagnosis codes and determine how much that diagnosis is worth in dollars without taking into account the actual time needed to care for that particular patient.  Preventive medicine is barely covered and extra time spent keeping patients out of the hospital are not appreciated by insurances.

Concierge medicine puts you and your patient back into the drivers seat.  With a concierge practice, the patients pay a fee to your practice.  This fee allows your medical practice to release its reliance on insurance payments to survive.  You are rewarded for keeping your patients healthy–they benefit and so do you.

I have successfully converted a busy family medicine office into a concierge practice.  It has been, and continues to be, a rewarding experience.

~ Dr. Laurie Blanscet

What You’ll Learn…

Learn how to convert your existing patient base to a private pay system.

Get away from the dependence on insurance payments.

How to get buy in from your current patient base.

What forms you need to have and how to set up a payment system.

What services to include and what services you can offer at an additional fee.

How to develop the mindset to convert to a concierge practice.

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