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Here Are Some Trainings I Offer…

Concierge Practice

Concierge medicine puts you and your patient back into the drivers seat.  With a concierge practice, the patients pay a fee to your practice.  This fee allows your medical practice to release its reliance on insurance payments to survive.  You are rewarded for keeping your patients healthy–they benefit and so do you.

IV Therapy 

There are a variety of Wellness IV’s: Myers Cocktail, high dose Vitamin C, Glutathione, Ozone, etc.  Knowing how to properly administer the wellness IV’s takes a little bit of time and commitment of resources, but it is well worth learning and doing.  Adding wellness IV’s to your practice will give your patients access to something unique that can greatly enhance their health and life, and it helps your medical practice to stay healthy as well.  Win Win scenarios like this are hard to find.

Bioidentical Hormone

Develop an understanding of bio-identical hormone balancing and how to properly prescribe bio-identical hormones.  Understand the circle of wellness and how to utilize it when treating patients.  Learn how to insert bio-identical hormone pellets with minimal side effects and maximum results.   Get a copy of the patient forms used and learn about supplies required for a successful bio-identical hormone practice.


Learn about the many uses of Prolozone and how to safely inject a variety of sites on the body.  Understand the materials needed to properly administer Prolozone treatments.

Alternative Healing

Changing your medical practice or adding alternative medicine services to your medical practice takes making a decision to do this and sticking to it.  It is not always easy to go against the “norm”.  Even when you are following your heart and you know what you are doing is right (for you and your patients), there are those out there who will ridicule you or tell you it is wrong.
I know this because I encountered that when I changed my medical practice.  After I survived my own medical nightmare, I knew that practicing medicine the way everyone else does would end up either killing me, or I would be forced to cut corners and this would affect the care that I gave patients.  Thank goodness my near death experience fueled my confidence and solidified my decision to change my practice.
As I changed my practice to a concierge medicine model and added integrative medical services, I had people tell me that what I was doing was wrong and said “how can you reduce your practice to only people that pay you a fee”.  They tried to make me feel selfish and that I was making the wrong choice.  However, I remembered what it was like to lie in the hospital bed, tired and weak.  I refused to let myself get back there.
I knew in my heart that I had to change my medical practice.  I knew that staying in an insurance driven practice would continue to frustrate me and push me to work crazy long hours to attempt to offer quality patient care.  I would end up back in the hospital simply because I cared about my patients and was trying to give the best care in the insurance driven system.  How is that right?  In addition, by sticking with an insurance driven practice I couldn’t offer bio-identical hormone therapy and other integrative medicine services.  Insurances would never pay for the time that it took to properly offer those services.
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It is unbelievable that there are those out there who feel it is selfish to take care of self.  I respond with “it is selfish not to take care of self”.  In the past I did not take care of me, and I ended up in the hospital for 40 days and I was unable to care for any of my patients for about 5 months.  How is this in anyone’s best interest?  It certainly did not help me and it did not help my patients when I did not take care of myself.
Can’t we take care of ourselves and still offer great care to our patients?  That is a win win situation that concierge, as well as integrative medicine, offers.  To change your medical practice it is important to work on yourself.  It is important for you to have a self care routine that you follow each day.  This will give you the mindset that allows you to ignore the naysayers and do what is best for you and your patients.

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