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My Credentials

I am board certified in family medicine and integrative medicine and have a Ph.D. in hypnotherapy and an MSHPE in health education.

I have practiced medicine in Southern California since 1999 and offer training for other medical practitioners who want to transition their office to integrative practice.

My story

If you are feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, or even depressed, it is understandable.  It has become more of a challenge to offer proper health care to your patients, let alone take care of you.  I lived that way too.  I was 38 years old, running a successful private family medicine practice and I was burning the candle at both ends to make things work.

I thought I could handle it, but I couldn’t.  I actually worked through a ruptured appendix!!  Luckily my body walled it off and I survived.  But, when I had a hysterectomy at 38 years old they found the walled-off, scarred appendix and attempted to fix it.  That led to them nicking my small intestines and resulted in a total of 40 days in the hospital over 3 different hospital stays in the following 2 1/2 months.  Needless to say, it was not fun.

The great news is that I came out of it.  That experience woke me up and I took several years recovering and researching how to take better care of myself.  I completely redid how I took care of myself and I turned my practice into a private pay integrative health practice.  I am now able to provide the quality care that my patients deserve and expect without sacrificing my health and wellbeing.  

Dr. Laurie Blanscet

I feel that there needs to be a paradigm shift in how patients and doctors look at health care.  Health care should not be reactive and dictated by insurance companies.  We should be offering medical care that is a partnership with our patients and allows us to treat the whole patient–mind and body.  This takes a patient willing to seek guidance and care outside of insurance, and a physician willing to take the time to learn how to practice integrative medicine and to listen to the patient.  The physician must be willing to investigate the root cause of the medical problems instead of rushing to prescribe medications to band-aid the problems at hand.

It took me years to learn how to run a successful integrative medical office that benefits the patient and offers satisfaction and a better quality of life to the physician.  If you wish to have a more satisfying life–both personally and professionally, I offer practical training and support to assist you in transitioning your medical practice to a private pay practice that offers integrative medicine.

~ Dr. Laurie Blanscet


Frequently asked questions

Medical Providers

What type of training do you provide?
I currently have a thriving integrative medicine private pay practice.  As a result, I can offer medical providers a chance to shadow me for a day or two to get a big picture view.  I also offer in person or zoom training for specific topics (ex. bio-identical hormone pellet training, etc.) followed by hands on training and/or shadowing where needed.
I also offer a mastermind group training for ongoing follow up and strategizing over difficult cases or other issues that come up.
Can you train groups?

Yes, I can train a group of medical providers.

Do you speak at events?

Yes, I can be booked to speak at events either remotely or in person.

What is the price for training?

The price depends upon what I am training on as each topic takes a different amount of time and may involve hands on training or shadowing.  It also depends upon if I am training an individual or a group of medical providers.

I live outside of California, can you train me?

Yes, I can train out of state providers.  This can be done remotely for most of the topics, with in person training only required for procedures such as bio-identical pellet insertion.


Can you treat remotely?

Yes, my office can treat patients in any USA state remotely for bio-identical hormone therapy as well as for concierge medical care.  We have patients scattered all over the USA.

What is your pricing?

If you go to www.anoptimalyou.com our pricing is on the website.

What if I can't book my appointment with you?

I have personally trained all medical providers at my office and they have my support when needed.  Even if you do not see me for your consultation, I can assure you that you will receive quality care and support.  

Do I need to be a patient of yours to receive an IV ?

No.  We have many patients who come to our office only for IV therapy, although it is quite common for an IV patient to eventually see us for other services, such as bio-identical hormone therapy, it is not required in order to receive an IV.

Do I need to be a patient of yours to have the Bio Energy test?
No.  The Bio Energy test is often sought after by otherwise healthy symptom free patients who simply wish to see where they are at.  Those types of patients have had no need to schedule a consultation at our office and it is not required.  
In addition, we have patients who have the Bio Energy test done in our office because we are the only office providing this test in Southern California and they choose to follow up with their local integrative medical doctor.  
Any patient getting the Bio Energy test gets a printout with the results and a basic review of the results.  You are free to schedule a more in depth appointment to go over the results if desired but it is not required, and not needed in many cases.
Where do I start to become healthier?
You have already made the first step by reading my book, Live Long, Live Well.  The best thing to do is to start with one thing, no matter how small it is.  Follow the action steps laid out in the book to guide you.  There is no wrong or right way to start.
Often, I find that when your hormones are out of balance that rebalancing the hormones gives you the energy and motivation to start making the other changes.  If the chapter on hormone imbalance resonated with you, that may be the best place to start.
If you are completely unsure of where to start, start by creating a morning routine as described in the book.

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